Established in 2000 by the local legend Thaine and Noelle Theolopolis.
The is the real deal for an Eastern Cape bush pub and venue.

The Goat Shed is a rustic and tranquil setting surrounded by old sneeze wood poles, Milkwood and Ngwenya trees. Its an open and outdoor setting covered by a steel and canvas roof. The terraced area is paved, with jackal fenced walkways and allows for ease of moving guests to interact and chat freely.

The beautiful 50 m paved and lite walkway from the parking is amazing. The location is 3 km from Kenton on sea, located on the Woodlands cottages property. The parking is secure with electronic front gates and camera protection in the main area.

The licenced bar is set one side, with a massive kitchen and cold room on the opposite side. The cold room is 3 x 5 m. The kitchen is 5 x 12 m. The seating area has canvas roll-up curtains that open onto a 20 x 50 m terrace looking out to the bushman’s river mouth. The venue has a pizza oven and barbecue area for the traditional African bush experiences. Barbecue areas mainly outside for bigger occasions. The venue is surrounded by true eastern cape bush with all the riverine pristine flora and fauna. Not to mention the load chatter of the birds all the time.

The facility can host 120 people seated comfortably. The equipment for the catering purposes are mostly gas, with some solar support for lighting should the electricity faulter. The pub is all electronically operated with an organized charging and printing system for patrons. The cutlery can normally support 60 people for standard dining requirements.

The bar and kitchen operate mainly in season, and open on certain nights in the week. The operation is dependent on prior bookings, and welcomes a phone call to check availability.